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Both Fascinating Walt Disney and Tales Of Hollywood are available through Ingram or Book Clearing House.
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"Fascinating Walt Disney" (2 CD set $24.95 ISBN 0963897217) (2 Cassette set $18.95 ISBN 0963897225) and "Tales Of Hollywood" (CD $14.95 ISBN 0963897233) (Cassette $11.95 ISBN 0963897209) are newly repackaged and would make great additions to any bookstore, library or gift shop.

  • Both products have garnered outstanding reviews which are now printed on the covers.

  • Popular subject matter.

  • Great timeless items that have already sold in the thousands and can be back listed for years to come.

  • Attractive and durable packaging with easy-to-see spines.

  • Great Gift ideas. Generic Bar Codes that adjust to any price changes.

  • Constant radio promotion, I am a frequent guest on several shows across the USA and keep up with current events to get more interviews.




"Probably one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable guests in regards to the movies."
--Joe Mazza, King Of Late Night Radio, the Genesis Radio Network.


"When Stephen is on the air, there is never enough time. He is knowledgeable, anecdotal, fun and always fascinating!"
--Judi Paperelli, WORC Radio


"Stephen is a remarkable guest with instant recall of Hollywood Stories that keep audiences glued to the radio. He makes regular appearances on my show and never fails to entertain."
--Jordan Rich, WBZ in Boston




Fascinating Walt Disney and Tales Of Hollywood make great additions to any public library!


"Our Library is pleased to carry your audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood" and both are in constant circulation!"
-- Jennifer Addington
Adult Programming Librarian
Palos Verdes Library



Booklist Review for "Fascinating Walt Disney":

Author/narrator Stephen Schochet recounts the career of Walt Disney in this audio biography punctuated with sound effects and background music. The saga of Disneys many trials is not chronological, a device which adds interest for older children and adults. Schochet emphasizes Disney's perseverance and determination in both bringing animated films to the screen and realizing the seemingly impossible project of Disneyland. Especially good for public libraries biography collections.


Kliatt review of "Tales Of Hollywood":

These fast-paced tales are filled with humorous anecdotes about the history of Hollywood, its lifestyle, and some of the most famous residents of the area. Schochet, who was a Hollywood tour guide, researched, wrote and now narrates these stories which have fully orchestrated background music and sound effects. It is divided into three parts: Who Needs a Car in Los Angeles?; The Movies Come to Hollywood; and The Stars Move into Beverly Hills. Stars included in Schochet's not -so-reverent tales include Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and Lucille Ball among others. This is a well-read, "fun" tape worthy of its subject. There is some new Hollywood trivia here for everyone, done by a man who knows his topic well.