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Stephen Schochet




by Stephen Schochet



If you think today's entrepreneurs face challenges, consider the confidential scoop recently released on the history of Disneyland: On opening day, starlets and well-heeled filmmakers walked into the now legendary theme park Main Street only to get mired in tar, because Disney was so anxious to open his theme park that he didn't wait for the asphalt to dry!

The new master of behind-the-scenes tidbits in the entertainment industry, Stephen Schochet (Show-het), has produced a startling oral Disney history, following 10 years of painstaking research, Stephen Schochet a skilled and amusing public speaker offers many of these tidbits on talk shows and news interviews.

Schochet is more than passionate about Hollywood-- he is driven. While still in college he began researching the stories behind Hollywood. He can tell you the REAL story behind just about any facet of Hollywood life. His first project called "Tales Of Hollywood" reveals many entertaining and obscure secrets about Hollywood and filmmaking.

Schochet's second audio production, the lushly orchestrated double audiotape/CD called "Fascinating Walt Disney" fills everyone in on a treasure-trove of little-known tales on Disney and his entertainment empire. For example:

Disney couldn't stand the character of Pinocchio, finding the puppet so obnoxious he shut down the production after five months. He saved the film by resurrecting a minor character from the original Carlos Collodi story-- an unnamed cricket who tried to teach Pinocchio about morality until the nasty puppet killed him with a mallet.

Davy Crockett caused such a demand for raccoon skin caps in 1954 that there were housewives hiding behind trashcans with shotguns trying to turn the little critters in for bounties.

And Mickey Mouse kept behaving so badly on the screen that concerned parents wrote Walt letters demanding he be reformed. It lead to the mouse becoming an ineffectual straight man, and Donald Duck taking over the comedy.




Stephen Schochet is the author of the upcoming book
Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of Hollywood
He is also the author of two acclaimed audiobooks
Tales of Hollywood
and Fascinating Walt Disney.

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