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Stephen Schochet




Cary Grant Ordered Muffins!

by Stephen Schochet


In 1853 in Saratoga Springs, New York, American Indian Chef George Crum was preparing his specialty French fried potatoes in the upscale resort where he was worked. He received word from a waiter that one of the patrons complained they were cut too thick. An annoyed Crum decided to slice the delicacy razor thin to teach the customer a lesson. To his surprise the guest loved it, and that's how we got potato chips.

Nearly one hundred years later another squeaky wheel named Cary Grant was having breakfast at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, when he noticed that his bread dish had three half muffins. The very rich but frugal actor called his server over for an explanation. He had ordered muffins and wondered why he had only been served a muffin and a half. When neither the waiter nor the manager had a sufficient answer, Cary Grant made several phone calls until he tracked down Conrad Hilton himself, vacationing in Istanbul. The top man explained that most customers left the fourth half uneaten so the hotel stopped serving them. When the British actor accused Hilton of false advertising, the Baron ordered that beginning with Grant, the fourth half would be served from now on. The now satisfied star finished his meal and paid his bill, complete with one hundred dollars in phone charges.



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