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Stephen Schochet




In Hollywood You Never Reach the Top

by Stephen Schochet


When Jim Carrey was paid a record breaking salary, twenty million dollars for The Cable Guy(1996), John Travolta topped him by asking for $20,000,001 for the movie Michael (1996) and got it. But in Hollywood there is always someone who makes more than you. A few years after landing his big payday, John Travolta was invited to Robin William's birthday party in Northern California. He arrived there in his Lear Jet and was greeted by a cigar smoking Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw. Ironically, the famous director had suggested he take the Michael role in the first place.

"Nice plane John." "Thanks Steve."

"Hey John, when you walk into your plane do you have to duck your head?"

"Yeah the entrance is too low."

Spielberg turned to his wife. "Thank god we don't have to duck our heads in our plane, do we honey."



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