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Stephen Schochet




The Voice Of Hollywood From The Los Angeles Daily News


It was just another day in the star-studded world of bachelor Stephen Schochet. He just left TV icons Aaron Spelling's house, dropped by Rodeo Drive, cruised the Sunset Strip. Now he stood on a hilltop above Hollywood Boulevard, the glitter that is Tinseltown spread at his feet. Nearby, a long line of tourists patiently waited for him, cameras at the ready to record the day they spent with Stephen Schochet- tour bus guide.

"I love Hollywood, with all it's stories," said Schochet, 35, snapping photos of couples from Texas and Australia with the Hollywood Sign in the background.

"And I love to tell all the stories I find to the people on the bus." With the help of Valley free-lance record producer Ivor Francis, Schochet has produced a cassette tape titled "Tales of Hollywood" that traces the roots of motion picture production. The two also collabrated on a lushly orchestrated double tape/CD biography of animator and studio head Walt Disney.



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