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Fascinating Walt Disney, Review From The Borger News-Herald


Fascinating Walt Disney from Hollywood Stories is a fascinating audiobook experience that takes readers along for a ride through the life of the legendary Walt Disney. Anyone who loves Walt Disney movies will enjoy this audiobook which is available on CD or cassette.

Through the over an hour and a half experience, listeners learn how Disney raised much needed funding for his full-length animated movie, Snow White and much more. Ever wonder how Mickey Mouse came to be? How did Walt Disney come up with the idea for Disneyland? These and other questions are answered along the way in Fascinating Walt Disney.

The audiobook tells how Disney never gave up hope, even with the initial failure of classics such as Fantasia, Pinocchio and Bambi. Hear how his dream for an amusement park with clean walkways and friendly people evolves from a visit to an amusement park he attends.

This production features fully orchestrated background sound effects that bring each story to life. Along with the sound effects and music is the voice of Stephen Schochet who does a great job telling the story of Walt Disney. Schochet spent 10 years researching the life of Walt Disney and has told his stories while giving tours of Hollywood. He has even been called Hollywood's Ultimate Tour Guide by CBS radio.



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