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Fascinating Walt Disney Review, From The Disney Guy


For those die-hard fans of my site, you know that I do not promote just anything on this page. You also know, that I make no profits from my site, and I continue to keep this the rule. However, I wanted to bring to your attention this especially wonderful audio book, which I just discovered (with a little help from the author!).

I was enthralled by the wonderful stories, the full orchestral soundtrack and entertaining sound effects of this audio presentation. The research Mr. Schochet has done is exhaustive, however it is presented in a very easy to listen to, flowing style. Before you know it, the 1 hour and 38 minute duration of the book has passed. In Mr. Schochet's own words, "what's different about this is that the whole Disney saga is presented with either funny or dramatic anecdotes in audio form, with background music and sound effects to enhance the narrative. The listener will find a treasure-trove of little-known tales...Finding out about Walt Disney, and all the setbacks he had to overcome, may help somebody to start or go on with their own dreams."

Fascinating Walt Disney has a list of critical acclaim a mile long, and I'd like to add my rave reviews to this list. You may listen to selected sound clips from the presentation and purchase your own copy of this wonderful narrative by visiting



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